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Stroud Engineering Services Ltd

Stroud Engineering Services LTD is the brainchild of James Baldwin. An experienced toolmaker, designer and general engineer. The company's aim is to fill the void within the British tool making industry created by the rise in overseas manufacturers during the 1990s and 2000s. Stroud Engineering Services aims to produce fantastic quality tooling, in a short lead time, with first class product support, all with a competitive pricing structure to suit yours and your customers needs.



Solutions for all your Injection Mould making needs



Conception to delivery

Stroud Engineering Services can provide a tailored design services. From individual component design, through to complex assemblies, and on to tooling design. Helping to make your project become a reality. Our tool makers are fully trained in the CAD CAM field. Managing director and principal designer has significant experience as a CAD CAM support engineer.


Precision manufacturing using the best techniques

Stroud Engineering Services prides itself on quality. All tooling is made to your specification using a perfect combination of time proven, and cutting edge techniques. Our toolmakers are trained in traditional tool making methods to ensure a solid grounding before moving on to the latest manufacturing disciplines. We believe that this ethos of respecting traditional craftsmanship, as well as embracing new exciting technologies, makes our tooling robust, accurate, efficient and innovative.


Initial support to fast turn around repairs and modifications

Whether it be a new tool produced by us, or and old piece of tooling that requires modification, Stroud Engineering Services can accommodate your needs. Tooling manufactured by us will have full support until the finished part is into full time production and beyond. We can also modify tooling and carry out repairs to other manufacturers tools with fast lead times and on site visits where required.



Stroud Engineering Services LTD is a young company instilled with traditional skills and ideals. The managing director is a third generation toolmaker trained by his father. New staff members are trained in the traditional manufacturing techniques that have been passed down to ensure that tooling, modifications and repairs can be carried out accurately, often with little or no drawn data.

That said, we have embraced the world of CAD/CAM and CNC machining. All toolmakers are trained in the use of CAD/CAM. This ensures that tooling is accurate, cost effective, and produced in as short a lead time as is physically possible. It also enables us to be able to push the boundary of design, including complex 3D surfacing, as well as interesting new concepts such as conformal cooling channels.

Stroud Engineering Services LTD  can provide you with a flexible quality service, in terms of both skill and time. As such we can - depending on complexity - have a design meeting at our facility, and have a machined prototype ready for testing made available to you within two working days.

Due to the extensive expertise of our staff, the prototype will be very similar, if not exactly accurate, to the final moulded product, and will have most of the final components mechanical properties. Unlike SLA and 3D printed prototypes.

These prototype designs can then be developed, and used by us to manufacture the final mould tool.

Owing to the nature of our business, we can modify your component design in real time with you, allowing you to have maximum control over your product.



Unit F, 
Brunel court,
Stroudwater business park,
GL10 3SW


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